Is the MMR formula actually effective in seeking opponents for beginners?

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Edit: Before another person comments on MMR below rank 0, yes I made a mistake because I relied on my comprehension of MMR from other games. That still does not take away from how matchmaking is conducted for beginners.
Via this post I am asking a question and also letting off some steam because I am wits end concerning the fat decks of people I have been matched up against. First off, I have no problem losing. I have been playing this game for less than 2 weeks, using mostly starter's decks that I have somewhat customized. I watched some quite some gameplay and deckbuilding guides for beginners on sites like Teamaretuza and watched some games from popular gamers on YT. I started off with Nilfgaard faction but I haven't decided on a favorite deck and because of that I have spent my resources on purchase of different faction's card to muster some semblance of a combo hoping I could get a grasp on how playing certain decks feel. Some quests require you to win games with certain decks, this motivated me more to buy and try cards for different decks. Also I spent some of my resources to buy cards to counter some very annoying things like Korathi Heatwave for traps and something to deal with Vypper decks which I still don't understand that well…

So I expected to be losing quite a bit in the beginning because of my current skill but at the moment I am getting smacked around with the opponent's fat wallet (not filled necessarily with real money). What I mean with that is that I've encountered quite some opponents whom have access to so many legendary cards that cost each around 800 scraps that even if I pooled my resources from the getgo to invest in only 1 faction, I wouldn't be able to have so many. In one match I remember seeing Detlaff: The Higher Vampire, Miruna, Crimson Curse, Golyat and Unseen Elder. That is one of the matches I remember because I've seen the top crafts for Monsters' faction on TeamAretuza unlike the ones against Syndicate decks where I heard coins' clinking, then BAM, I lost! 🙁

My conclusion is that either these people have invested quite a lot in building decks with real money and/or they have been playing for quite some while to the point that they shouldn't be considered a beginner thus get matched up to people who just got into the game.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this normal?


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