Is the NMLA really responsible?

The NMLA is suspected of responsibility for today's bombings, not Thargoids. However, they have made no statement claiming such, unlike their attacks last Sep to Nov.

As many of you know, the NMLA is a terrorist organization that wants to replace the Imperial family with an elected Senate. They have committed over 50 bombings and multiple assassination attempts in pursuit of this.

However, the most widespread effect of their actions has been to nearly create a direct conflict between the Empire and the Federation.

After the earlier attacks the Empire begin rounding up Marlinists, causing many to flee to Federation space. Fed refused to extradite and it almost caused a war. Neutral settlements were established for refugees to defuse the situation but the tension is there, even after Fed stations were bombed too

So the question is : do you think the NMLA actually did this? What do they gain by attacking everyone? A protest against the imperial family being at the Summit?

Could they push the empire into outright Genocide against Marlinists, attacking the neutral settlements, and potentially leading to a Fed opposition war? Or simply creating more dissent within the empire?

Could these attacks actually be an act by the Empire to justify action against Marlinists, hoping for support by the other victim factions?

Should we ask Liz Ryder how many bombs she made last week?

The NMLA has a specific objective, breaks sweeping attacks don't seem to fit with that.



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