Is the odyssey hate really needed?

Warning this will be a bit of a rant.

I've noticed a definite trend in people's view to odyssey recently, everyone who recommends it gets bombarded with hate, where when you talk about any kind of negative, suddenly everyone loves you. Honestly it's ridiculous.

I can understand people being disappointed with it on release, but for you people who haven't touched it since then, shame on you, after 9 updates it's now at a perfectly playable state on the recommended hardware. Flip, I'm below the minimum recommended, and I'm getting solid FPS that is perfectly playable!

People complain with the combat system. Is that really needed though? Elite is about flying through space and enjoying the sheer amazing beauty of it, if you want a FPS go back to Cod and Halo.

Yes the grind is real, if that's all what you want to do, if you play the game as they intend it you can get all the materials over a longer time but have way more fun playing it. Me and my friend bought the game the same week, he's stopped playing because he grinded everything to get the best, I've done the same but without grinding, and I'm still playing it with great joy.

When someone asks if it's worth it, try reinstalling odyssey then recommending them. The recent steam reviews aren't bots. They're people that actually enjoy the game, instead of being butt hurt.

I 100% recommend odyssey, it's a great addition which is only getting better with more updates.

I'm prepared for the hate train that will arrive with this rant, but that's your opinion as this is mine. I understand why people were disappointed but give it a chance.

Apologies for the rant, enjoy your day.


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