Is the T9 too slow to not self-damage with mines?

Taking advantage of the CG to try some self-defense with my T9 against gankers, and having met some difficulties in using torps/missiles as they require you to face your enemy… I thought "I'll just flood space with mines !"

Fun idea, trying it was fun too… but to my surprise, I was the first one to get my thrusters disabled*! XD The T9 is so large and so slow, that if i'm below max speed, and even going straight, the mines explode on my own hull.

I knew I would have to avoid running into my own mines, and I knew I had next to no chance of victory against an actual ganker with my shieldless, D-rate thrusted, 784t cargo space whale, but just trying was fun. Seeing the ganker's cutter tumble wildy while I killed myself was hilarious. ^^ But it would be funnier if I could delay a bit more the mines' activation and struggle against the enemy instead of against my own weaponry.

*I used a mix of ion disruption and reverberation cascade

Ejection of the mines



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