Is the trade CG impossible to win?

I'm not that well versed in the commodity market/BGS/black magic, but based on INARA, I don't think there's enough of the commodities to even hit a million. I'm excluding carriers though.

Sorted by Supplies, excluding carriers

Emergency Power Cells 813. Not 813K it's just 813.

Power Converters 224,630

Power Transfer Bus 6,061

As INARA stands, there is a total of 231.5K commodities for the CG.

This competes with the constant gradual delivery from the Jameson site.

Am I missing some quirk of the commodity market, or are the Scrivengers just dead in the water?

Oh yes and the trade CG is 30KLs into the system, whereas the data CG is 215Ls from the arrival star, the former is around 9 minutes of supercruise.


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