Is there a chance for battleground type game mode?

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

Hi, I've been playing gwent on and off for a few years now but every time I get back to it I get bored in a month or two. Although I love art and environment a lot, golden cards are absolutely stunning, but for me gameplay is lacking and is sort of boring, as there are only damage or buff mechanics and there's little variety & cool/complicated stuff, thats just my opinion though.

I've been playing hearthstone battlegrounds recently and it seems quite fun and has very good replayability for long term. I never play normal modes for obvious reasons but battlegrounds seem super fun. Since I've not been looking into gwent news or development at all past year I was wondering is there any hint or suggestion that it could happen at some point? I'd return with heartbeat if that were the case and witcher universe has more than enough personalities/races to make it work.


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