Is there a multiplier for E:D orbital “mechanics” and if yes, is it constant?

I know, it's just a game.

The game uses real astronomical units, even if it's just a fantasy space game using fantasy space mechanics.

No problem with that, I do enjoy it a lot, but made me wonder:

  1. Is there a mass/distance multiplier for the orbital mechanics? Seeing two Earth-size planets next to each other, or the famous Spoihaae XE-X d2-9 which seems to orbit impossibly close (by an order of magnitude!) to a white dwarf is cool for gameplay and screenshots, but is there any rule for it? Or is it just totally random for cool screenshots only? At least Frontier and Frontier:First Encounters had usually proper distances (IIRC), disregarding all the other handwavium.
  2. Would it be better to just use some fantasy "handwavium" distance units? Better for a space fantasy and people wouldn't mistake it with real space? All the time I see light-seconds and such I expect them to be real, when they are not at all. Suspension of disbelief… If they called it Ersecs or whatever, it would be better, in my opinion.


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