Is there a niche for new content creators that you’d like to see? Looking to get into making vids…

Hello CMDRs!

TL/DR; is there YouTube community content you'd like to see out there that isn't covered by content creators these days?

I want to get into voiceovers and voice acting, as I've been told I have a good voice for that. I've been a DJ/MC for over 15 years, and a stage actor in previous lives.

As I've gotten older now though and I'm a frequent Elite Player, I'd really like to use Elite as a starting point to work on Voiceovers more and get into content creation.

With so much great content out there already though, I'm curious if there is a niche you have noticed where there is a… Void

Some ideas I had:

  • Real Science from the game, how it is different vs gameplay (ie Neutron Stars, Angular Momentum, Orbital Mechanics, Alcubierre Drives, etc.)

    • Fan Fiction, storytelling, lore
    • In-Game ads or crossover game/rl relationship comparisons
    • Galnet News but dramatized
    • Odyssey content

What do you think? If I'm going to practice editing and voice acting I may as well do it in a galaxy I enjoy so, let me know what you think!



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