Is there a reason why people don’t buy armlet on sven?

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~2k here. Love sven from his kit to his voice to his lore to his playstyle. Play him a lot too. Typically my build looks something like:

Starting items>treads>MoM>echo sabre>bkb>blink>situational/extension items.

So pretty standard stuff. Sometime I throw in a midas before or after treads if lane is going great, and bkb>blink is negotiable if they didn't draft a lot of non-bkbpiercing disables and/or my team lacks initiation.

After giving WK a shot when sven was banned and going the armlet route, it got me thinking how most STR carries and mids build armlet- WK, lifestealer, huskar, kunkka, CK, etc.

Sven should get tremendous damage with one of these, right? The synergy with the ultimate would be insane. Why is this not common on the hero?

The only reason I can think is because it slows down other timings by a lot, since its an early game item that would probably be gotten after MoM, slowing down timings for echo, bkb, blink which I already buy kind of late into the game.

Before I give it a shot, I wanted to know whether the guys who are better than me think this could work or not. The proposed build would go something like:

Starting items>treads>MoM>armlet>echo>bkb and blink>situational and extensions

Since this is really more early game oriented, I think armlet could see success in offlane sven as well. That might look something like

Starting items>treads (or maybe phase?)>vanguard/vlads/MoM/hood>armlet>optional echo> blink> upgrade hood/vanguard> assault cuirass.

Sorry for long post


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