Is there any information on how many people there are per server?

I will explain what happens, I live in Brazil but work traveling, and everywhere I go I play tarkov and tired of noticing absurd differences between servers.

In the Brazilian server (which is the same for all central and south america) most encounters with other players is deplorable, at that point of the wipe it is robocop vs robocop or robocop vs someone naked but for some reason is not with the desync so absurd.

Even using the menus on other servers is better.

I don't think the playerbase is so low as to justify only one server in São Paulo that has problems disconnecting people for no apparent reason.

I know the game has problems and I always see the posts here referring to this. But if you think you have seen desync, in the Brazilian server it is difficult not to have desync. If you think it is bad to be stuck in a flea market menu trying to sell some garbage that doesn't update, you don't know the hell that is trying to buy bullet from prapor and not even this is loading.


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