Is there any reason to use AR platform now other than being cool?>>

I got the price wrong before and it is now corrected. Sry for any confusion


With the 995 price change I really don't see a reason to touch AR platform anymore. I just want to ask those people claiming "you can still use 855A1", how do you guys play?…Don't just say use tactics, if you can use tactics, you enemy can use it too. It's not your privilage.

If you like shooting full auto, you have two options. Full build or budget build. For 150k fully modded m4 is it worth to use a 100k+ gun with a kind of ammo that cannot reliably penetrates ammo? For budget build I have a clearly better option. I can spend 50K on a budget built AK74M(25k gun + recoil pad + muzzle brake + b10handguard with rk0) and the recoil is acceptable(still hard to control). 50k with M4? Damn a stock m4 costs me 60k and does anyone shoot that thing full auto???

If you like shooting semi auto most of the time, like me. You can get hunter+m80 with cheaper price and get the job done better(more body damage). The reason I used ADAR a lot before because it offers me relatively cheap ammo(4$ a round M995 vs 10$ a round M61) that reliably penetrate common lv5 armor. Now the 995 price is near M61 on flea market I don't see a reason to use it anymore.

Maybe MDR is an option, with its current cheap price(60K) on flea market and easily controlled recoil in stock configuration. I think it is reasonal to use it with M855A1.

Therefore I don't think 855A1 is a round that is actually that much useful(other than used with MDR). The only reason I see running AR platform now is because I want to to be a super tactical mall ninja western operator, or I have too much money that I want to waste….From the economical standpoint I just don't see many reasons to use M4. Maybe someone can offer some opinions on how they use their AR platform effectively?


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