Is there any way to stop firing when a system security vessel passes in the way?

I was at a high resource extraction zone in Brestla taking out wanted ships, and while attacking an elite anaconda (somewhere around elite, might not have been elite), along with the aid of the internal security service because I'm in a Vulture and i can't exactly take on an anaconda alone, as the anaconda passed me i was spinning around and began firing before i saw the ship because my beam lasers are gimballed and auto lock on the ship, but an internal security service vessel passed in the way, i was fined and immediately jumped out of there as they were distracted by an anaconda, and i had to give up the kill to keep my ship. Is there any way to stop firing automatically when a system authority vessel passes in the way? Or a way to show them you accidentally hit them? I know their programming says attack people who are wanted and who fire on them, but it would suck if there's no way to show you're standing down.


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