Is this game dying?

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So I’ve been enjoying GWENT ever since I started playing last month, but I just feel as though its dying. I am fairly new to the community so I may be totally off about the state of the game, so Im just gonna list my thoughts to see what all the veterans think. Also, I’m not trying to trash the game; I just don’t want to invest time and money in a game that could potentially be killed off relatively soon. I actually really like GWENT and think its better than Hearthstone (I used to play Hearthstone) both because of how the game looks and because of the actual gameplay.

First off, the game doesn’t really get that many views on Twitch. Right now there are 367 people watching GWENT; Hearthstone has 33k. I know that low Twitch views doesn’t necessarily mean a game is dying, but 367 is a really low number and I feel like its fair to consider it when determining the size of a community of a game. I personally love watching content creators play games I like, and seeing 367 viewers is pretty sad for a game as good as GWENT. Second is the lack of expansion hype. In Hearthstone the vibe when an expansion is going to drop is totally different and theres just more exciting. In fact my favorite thing about Hearthstone was the launch of an expansion, with the Theorycraft streams, the card reveals, etc. I haven’t really seen the same level of excitement in GWENT, even though we are gonna be getting new cards soon. I know the expansion is split into parts and that may be the reason why; but I just feel like thats a bad idea if it’s at the expense of expansion hype. Regardless though, if Hearthstone’s expansions were split I feel like the expansion hype would probably be the same.

Im curious what y’all’s thoughts are on this subject. It could also provide some insight to the developers (if they are on here), as whether a game is dying may be a factor for some people in deciding whether or not to try said game. And if you do think the game is dying, why might that be.


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