Is this griefing?

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I was playing a ranked game on troll warlord today, I was killing Roshan, just before the aegis dropped invoker (teammate) put dust in my inventory, and he sniped the aegis. Reported for griefing…

Will this count as griefing in an overwatch case? or will most just let it slide? what are your guys' opinions about this? What even happens if you get convicted for griefing? Do you get Low priority? ( I am a pretty new player)

What is even the line between griefing and not griefing? I consider an off-laner that AFK farms jungle as griefing, but the people in my rank (low rank) are totally fine with this.

Do you check the rank and determine your overwatch verdict on that as well (let's say griefing (bad plays/ults) in immortal and not reporting it like that in guardian "because players don't know any better")?


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