Is this slowing down the wipe thing a myth? How do y’all get there so fast?

Wipe timing was awful for me, so I've only been able to squeeze in some pretty casual play. I was loving the early game vibes for a matter of hours.

Yet as of the last few days, the lowest level PMC I've encountered was 19. Every other dogtag I have and anyone who has killed me are mid to high 20s with kits to match. EOD and non-EOD.

It's been 9 days.

I get there are some full timers, but at this rate we'll be back to endgame in a couple weeks and then just coast on meta for 6 months.

Given that the first couple of quests and hideout features are gated behind items and keys, I'm genuinely surprised and feeling disillusioned at the progression. Are y'all just wiping the map with scavs for XP? Did the level 20 flea actually appreciably change the pace for anyone else, or was all of that just early wipe honeymoon? This made me a true believer in pushing it out to 40 or eliminating it altogether, but god would it be amazing to see data showing that this change affected the level distribution at all.


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