Issues with fortnite

Does epic not care about fixing any of the issues in the game unless little Timmy says something? Ive noticed so many issues whether it be bugs in the UI that have been around for way too long now, or how when you die it takes like 3 seconds to spectate your teammate(even tho it should immediately have you spectate your teammate after you die), how it takes 7 seconds to respawn in creative(counting from when you die to when you actually are able to play again), and alot of other issues and I feel like they dont give a shit about fixing these issues cause little Timmy doesn't think it is a problem. Coming from someone who used to play cod(where you can respawn immediately by spamming x or square after you die) and from someone who was in a game design class, if the issues I mentioned(and many others) got fixed the game would be alot more enjoyable and better. It's pretty embarrassing and ridiculous how epic hasn't fixed these issues yet considering how easy it should be to fix those issues and also considering how popular fortnite is despite the hate it gets.


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