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The new Troll animations are AMAZING

I've been a fairly consistent player for about the last six months, but being a noob I've never gotten past Moder. I was real close recently, been on the grind to beat the game, but my world was lost the day before I wanted to fight him…

Well now I'm on a new world, still have that rush of being weak in skills, low on materials, all that stuff. And I'm on my way to my first Swamp crypts.

But trolls man, they keep ruining my plans, of course… but these new animations. Wow.

The way they walk seems much more fitting than how they used to walk. When they sit there and sniff the air I have a moment of fear that they're gonna beeline to me. Not only are they tough because I'm on a new save, but they're also terrifying because of these new animations.

So, huge props to the animator(s) who made these new animations. They're definitely doing their job: terrifying me!


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