It feels like we are running out of themes for heroes. What is your unique and new hero design idea?

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I love talking about ideas for hero themes that haven't been touched on before. I feel that many heroes are based around the same things. And there are very few left that don't actually copy another idea. For example: Ocean Captain – Kunkka, Ocean Monster – Tidehunter, Ocean Ocean – Morphling. Frozen ocean: Crystal Maiden. Frozen Dragon: WW Frozen Everything: AA.

Can't do much more with water here. You've also got occupied themes for fire(lina, batrider), time/cosmic(void, enigma, void spirit, arc, weaver), hell/heaven(like 20), spider monster(brood), greek gods(zeus, mars), etc.

We have slowly run out of ideas and themes that can still be used and be a new original theme. We even have a character theme for 'drunk guy' and 'squirrel xd' and 'rocks' and 'rocks, but shaking' and 'rocks, but spirit form' and slowly but surely it's becoming harder to think up brand new themes that aren't 'new character with bow again' or 'new character with sword' again, or 'new mage' or 'new element person' or 'space guy' , 'spirit guy'

What is your idea for a new, original theme for a hero?


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