It finally happened to me… Yesterday, FDev lost my ship

I was doing a ground mission to recover encrypted memory chip. There were no enemies that spawned so it was peaceful. Logged off on the ground and when I logged back on, I was greeted with an incident report and only a sidewinder was available for me to choose. So I proceed thinking it was just a bug and was surprised it put me back on LHS 3447 – several hundred km away from where I was before.

I'm thinking my original ship should still be on the planet surface I was before and looking at the galaxy map confirmed it. Went ahead and took a long distance apex shuttle, landed on the planet and tried to recall my ship – but got the message that the ship is too far. Tried to check galaxy map again and noticed that my original ship is no longer on the planet nor on the system.

Thats when I realized FDEV lost my ship and for some reason, the bug that happened to me made it look like my ship exploded and I didnt do rebuy – even though I wasn't on combat and there were no rebuy to choose from. Ugh.

Now, I created a ticket and waiting for FDEV to respond. Hopefully, they give me back my original ship intact instead of just giving credits. Its a a fully engineered Krait Phantom – I don't want to waste time gathering mats and re-engineering it again.

Lesson learned, when doing ground mission, I'll use a disposable ship next time.


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