It is time to vote! On-foot momentum midair is not preserved in Odyssey

FDEV has moved this one to the VOTE stage. Be sure to head to the issue tracker link and vote if you agree that on-foot momentum should be preserved in the air!

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This is a bug report that could be considered a gameplay development oversight. Using the jetpack in Odyssey allows you to leap into the air jumping from roof top to roof top. This gives some really nice Planetside 2 vibes where players often jump over outpost walls and make their way across buildings.

Unfortunately there is a bug where if you release the print button midair your momentum is not preserved but instead you are immediately slowed down while in the air.

Since we cannot sprint sideways, the same happens when you are leaping through the air and look to either side and try to steer yourself using WASD.

You can slightly avoid the issue by holding down the sprint button in midair and avoiding any WASD key presses. This is more an unfortunate way to get around the issue than a fix.

This midair slowdown takes away some amazing opportunities to leap from building to building while looking sideways and shooting down your enemy.

I suggest that when you sprint and jump into the air, that momentum should be preserved, still giving you the slight WASD adjustability midair without immediately slowing you down as if you just stopped sprinting.

This is a common sense thing in a game that at its heart is a simulator and as far as gameplay, it helps to enhance it!

Here's a video where I go over the same and show you the slow down:

And here is the Issue Tracker item in case you want to help out sign 'can replicate' for extra attention for FDEV:


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