Item ID List Database


I decided to make a dedicated website for the list of ItemIDs that have been discovered for Valheim. You can find the site at

I'd like to give a thanks to /u/Demogrim for his thread he created that you can find here, and everyone who helped contribute to that thread.

The purpose of the site is to have an easily searchable database that trumps the ctrl+f option you have probably been having to do to find what you want. I also want to eventually get all the ItemIDs corresponding to their in-game names. The reason for this is because a few of these ItemIDs do not match their in-game name, such as ElderBark actually being Ancient Bark, or BeltStrength being Megingjord, but that is a work in progress. Though I believe I got the most important ones.

That said, please feel free to reach out to me for any improvements, mistakes, additions, etc, that I can make to the database. You can read more about how to help and contact me over on the Contribute page of the site.

Again, this could not have been created without the ItemID list being provided in the aforementioned post, so many thanks to all who contributed.

Upp međ seglin!!


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