It’s been almost 2 years since any meaningful content was added to the game. How much longer are we supposed to wait?

The most recent map, Reserve was added to the game 1 year and 10 months ago. Since then we received some new weapons and map expansions. Cool things but not enough to make a big impact.

For a very long time we have been promised a lot of things and all of them are supposedly coming soon at all times. Some of them include: streets of tarkov, lighthouse, revolvers, ladder climbing, lockpicking, armor hitbox rework, the blacked out options for doors, arena mode, voip, interactive lights, UNTAR bots, rocket launchers, second half of the skills and flare guns.

Save this post and check in a year if they added anything from the list above.

Most of those were announced over 3 years ago. When somebody mentions the enormous list of promised content that's still unreleased, everybody responds with "uh gamedev hard, give them time. Believe in BSG and their hard work! We love you Nikita!". I want the game to be successful as much as anyone else here, but The future looks bleak if things continue at the current rate. Why did the developement slow so much?


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