It’s been fun: A final goodbye to STW.

(I'm not tone-deaf. I know this is melodramatic.)

I've been here since the beginning. 2015. I've been waiting for this game's release since… Well, for as long as I've known of its existence. There might be a few of you who've seen me in-game as Crowald before.

After seeing the BR cinematic recently… I felt a deep sense of betrayal. Something I actually don't think I've really been able to internalize until now. Holding out hope for this game, thinking that maybe, eventually, we might get a renewed development cycle for Save the World and we might get content that rivals BR in its creativity and scale. Storm King was the last great piece of content in this game, and it's fitting that some unfinished, disjointed boss is the final piece of major content that we got because it highlights just what a pathetic job has been done trying to appease the people who play STW.

It's so unfortunate that we've been subjected to this. No one is forcing us to play, of course, and we have the ability to simply uninstall the game and never look back.

The sad part is that I knew this was going to happen. A since-deleted post I made during 2017 where people called me a gatekeeping elitist was right on point; STW became abandonware because BR was more profitable. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a skeleton crew of maybe six people still working on STW.

Epic has the resources, the people, and the capacity to make STW great and they simply don't.

u/Magyst, thank you for your wonderful work here on this subreddit and trying to keep us together. I don't know how you do it with your superiors literally giving you nothing to work with, but you have my undying respect and thanks for dealing with everyone here. I'm deeply disappointed in the teams working on this game, but not you. You've always been loyal to us and done the best you could to keep us informed. You are genuinely a one-man army and I know that being a community liaison is very difficult work, as people channel their anger towards you like you're responsible, but I feel it's necessary to let you know that I love everything you do for us, given the impossible task you have of keeping a dying game's userbase from imploding.

One day, this game will get axed and it can finally die an undignified death and not have to suffer any longer.

I'm probably gonna delete my entire EGS account, as Fortnite was the only game that I ever really bought on it.

This game is simultaneously Epic's greatest success and greatest failure.


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