It’s been told already, but it’s worth telling again, the technical support team at Frontier is awesome…

With all the issues the game has (even more so now with Odyssey), and all the (valid) critique the players voice with the developers, can we just appreciate, how awesome the tech support of Frontier is. The fact, that they regularly go the extra length and happily will role-play tickets in character.

Here's my support request:

To: Apex Interstellar, Inter Astra
CC: Pilots Federation

To whom it may concern at Apex and Inter Astra,

as an independent pilot, currently in the services of Zormina Torval, I collected
some 760 units of Deeds in her name, for delivery to a system to be expanded into.
Due to some miscommunication I was sent to system other than the system to be
expanded into. Nevertheless I had to dock for refueling. This is when I learnt
that circumstances of the intended destination system TREPIN may pose a serious
risk in passage for my heavy transport Type-9 (Lakon) "3 Letter Agency".

Weighing my options in the Bat at JOHNSON PROSPECT in the Apurnasu system I noticed
one of your Apex Interstellar counters, which suddenly pooped into existence in
seemingly every human stations and settlement all over the Galaxy just a few weeks
ago. Now here was an idea: Getting into TREPIN on the down low, scout out the
local situation.

The taxi ride went, well not entirely smooth, but we arrived. Consider my surprise
when browsing the service of Inter Astra also offered an interstellar transport
of my aforementioned ship "3 Letter Agency" to TREPIN. When Inter Astra handed off
the T9 to me an hour later, to my horror I found its cargo hold emptied out without
any notice whatsoever.

This negligent handling of foreign property is inacceptible. At no moment was I
informed by the respective representatives of Apex or Inter Astra, that the use
of their services may result in loss of property. Had I been informed about this,
I'd surely not made use of either service. Had Inter Astra refused the transfer
of the ship, due to not taking on liability for the contents of its cargo hold,
this would have been entirely acceptable.

The loss of the cargo, while financially substancial (~7.6MCr worth), is mostly
of concern with respect to current expansion efforts of Torval. As of such I'd
highly appreciate it, if the cargo could be recovered. I'm even willing to
accept a minor total loss. But I'd highly appreciate if at least 750 units of
my cargo could be recovered and find the way into my ship's cargo hold. If
a recovery of the cargo is impossible, I'd also accept a financial compensation
of about 7MCr. As a reminder, this all happened in space controlled by
Zormina Torval, who takes a very different stance than Aisling Duval on
certain means of personal financial reparations, so maybe pass this on as
a suggestion to your representatives who omitted to convey vital information
and may seek personal redemption.

Yours truly,
independent CMDR datenwolf

and here's their answer:

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch, we're here to help.

We here at Apex Interstellar are always happy to keep our CMDRs safe, happy, and healthy. One of the ways we can do that is to be sure that all of their cargo is safe and sound.

Looking through the paperwork for your Type 9, 3 Letter Agency, I can see where may have been some clerical errors that were signed by someone who wasn't you, in the meaning of speed rather than accuracy. What happened is part of the process, but that you were not informed goes against everything we stand for. We help our CMDRs, not hinder them!

As this is the case, I was able to track down the lost cargo as it had been left in storage. It is now back aboard 3 Letter Agency. I hope that helps.

(To clarify out of character, we believe this is intended behavior, but simply not telegraphed very well. I've returned the cargo to you as a one time gesture of good will, as that's the best we're able to do. Sorry!)

If you require any further assistance from us at Apex Interstellar, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help.

Best regards,

Support Agent Zenit


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