Its great seeing all the appreciation and love for BSG lately, but remember to be consistent in it.

We cant just wait until after a major event to show our appreciation. We can't wait until a massive fallout of verbal abuse. If we dont, then we will never have the communication between us and BSG to be anything more than a glorified shouting match. We need to make sure we show our love for the game, dev team, and community consistently. We have something great here! The devs are so involved with the game and community and take every action they do seriously. We need to appreciate that consistently. This isnt a "Russian skin flute sucking" post where " we praise everything BSG does." We can hold them accountable for bad decisions, we can suggest differing opinions, but we have to make sure that it's with care that we make those suggestions, that we criticize those descisions. So I enjoy seeing all theae appreciation posts, but lets make sure it doesnt end when they eventually push something out you may not agree with. Lets make sure we offer our criticism in a respectable manner. There are people in the other side too.


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