It’s Official Break Time

I find myself at lvl 40 with 85% quests done except Jaegers BS Quests with 53mil stash worth and 25mil Rub. I have loot out of the Whazoo and now I've lost Interest in Playing I have no interest in going for lvl 50+ or Kappa or Killa Set especially when it doesnt feel like a real accomplishment since its all gonna disappear again. I now find myself treating tarkov like its Facebook Farmville just popping in to collect my bitcoins but even then im losing interest in that because its become a waste of my time. Im not interested in Reseting my Account considering i would just be playing at a huge disadvantage this late in wipe and thats just not fun, maybe for someone thats dedicated to tarkov and only Tarkov, Im a gamer not a 1 Trick Pony. I find myself trying more Early Access Games that are further in Development than Tarkov and Im really finding some Gems. Is this happening to anyone else?


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