It’s time: NVG + IR Laser Interaction is far overdue

I picked up Tarkov about 2 years ago and the IR laser/IR light "fix" has been Soon™ for longer than I've had the game.

For those unaware, some tactical device attachments in the game have infrared Laser, and infrared light modes on them that are supposed to emit a non-visible beam of light that is used in combination with NVG's to create a laser that is only visible to those with night vision goggles. This way, you can have a toggleable, accurate secondary form of aiming that gives you a distinct advantage over those without NVG's.

As of right now, both of these modes are bugged. IR lasers are fully visible, and IR flashlights emit a low, slightly visible red glow, and have no interaction with NVG's.

Fixing this would be such an excellent boost to night-time play style enthusiasts, and it would give players more incentive to actually run night vision, instead of just cranking up their brightness/gamma settings.

I truly believe it's time as a community to let this issue ring a bit louder so that it can be heard, and fixed in the next patch.


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