Its time to talk about Necronomicon

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

The item does way too much. There has never in recent Dota been a 4500 gold item that every single game can be rushed raw with absolutely no thought. Beastmaster and Lycan are some of the top tiers in the game because this one item is simply too strong.

Let's make a list of everything Necro 3's do for the hero that buys them:

  1. +18 strength (3/4 of a Reaver)
  2. +4 mana regeneration (1.75 Void Stones)
  3. AOE true sight (900 gold for a gem + isn't droppable on death)
  4. 50 mana break per hit (melee unit, 10 mana more than Diffusal Blade)
  5. 800 damage nuke on death (melee unit)
  6. Unit target basic dispel (4725 gold for a Nullifier)
  7. Unit target slow (exact same stats as Diffusal Blade which is 3150 gold)
  8. 9% passive move speed aura (75% of the Drums of Endurance active)
  9. 900 health per summoned unit w/ 40% magic resistance and 4 armor

This item does way too much. It's true sight that doesn't drop on death, so you have vision control from the moment you get the item and can't ever lose it. Its a slow that's as effective as a Diffusal. It is a unit target purge that is only acquirable elsewhere on Nullifier. It gives a move speed buff like drums. It gives the user almost unlimited mana and 360 health. It can burn mana on units, and if enemies try to kill them to get away they can't kill the melee unit without taking massive damage. The item simply does way too much.

But wait, other expensive items have great winrates too, so this item can't be broken. Wrong, these items with great winrates like BKB, MKB, Abyssal, Satanic, etc. can't be rushed raw. You can't just show up at 15 minutes with a naked MKB and expect to survive. You can't just show up with a naked BKB and expect to kill anyone. Necronomicon has a good enough buildup that is actually optimal to go quelling blade straight into Necro 3, and once you reach the item you are immediately stronger than basically everyone in the game. That's insane.

But wait, supports can buy items to defend against the summons. Wrong. Glimmer doesn't work, Euls doesn't solve any problems, Force Staff gives you a small gap while you have a 100% slow on you, Ghost Scepter gets purged, need I go on? The summons can literally 1v1 almost every support in the game and win, even if they have a small item or two.

Please nerf this item, or even make it do one thing less.

This concludes my rant.


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