I’ve argued in favor of the loot changes but one thing should be addressed because it hurts the game

The loot changes have been kind to me, I have been making decent money, way more than before the changes, it could be a coincidence due to the point in the wipe these changes took place, but that's not the point.

I want to address a different issue regarding locked rooms and their loot. I believe that locked rooms have been a good thing for the most part, it draws players to one spot where they fight it out. This seems to no longer be the case, going to dorms expecting to find at most 1 other person is kind of sad. People people are looting random spots and sometimes barely run into each other. This makes strategies like extract camping and spawn trapping the only reliable way to consistently run into players.

I believe that locked rooms and especially marked rooms and labs rooms should be buffed to be almost as good as they once used to be. Most maps will have 10-12 PMCs in them, that's not enough people for you to run into multiple people unless you chase every gunshot. If everyone sticks to a "lane", they will at most encounter 1-2 people per raid and most of that happens at the start of the raid off of the spawns. So having points of interest for people to "meet" and PvP is a good thing.

I don't miss the GPU/Tetris rushing and I'm glad that's gone, but rooms didn't need to get nerfed this hard to where they are barely worth unlocking any more.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pxggek/ive_argued_in_favor_of_the_loot_changes_but_one/

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