I’ve been farming the red keycard for a week now. Here is my results

This is my 5th wipe in Tarkov. The last 3 wipes I began using an SJ6 on shoreline to speed level my endurance and strength. This wipe I decided to document every raid as you'll see from the link in this post. I hope this will give some insight on just how rare keycards are on this map.

Things to note:

-Green profit means I survived the raid, red means I died.

-Medical Items such as Salewas, Goldenstars, vaseline and CMS kits were NOT counted in the profit section since I kept them for my own use.

-If I died with a Ledx, I did NOT vender it as I will use them for the thicc items barter

-The first 6 raids contain the same profit as I sold the items from those raids all at once instead of after every raid, as I did following those raids. As a result I took the average profit of those raids.

-All raids were nighttime using a shrimp pistol, MBSS backpack and an SJ6. only hitting the high tier loot spots and keycard spawns.

-If there is a "1" in the column of a keycard spawn, that means that spot was checked.

-Yes, I'm a Fucking rat.

Apologies in advance, I'm an excel noob.

Here's the data. I plan to continue until I find a Red and a Blue Card: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AqW1OZ014ERmkgJhz2O_PThfQ__i?e=lB7i2N

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p6ek8c/ive_been_farming_the_red_keycard_for_a_week_now/

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