I’ve figured out how among us lobby’s work, and why your lobby (if you’ve been playing for a while) doesnt fill for a really long time

Important: it turns out I just got a lot of false positives in a row (check u/n166e's post)

So, if you've been playing for a while and host, you will get an F at the end of your code, but if you're newer you get a Q at the end, if you have a Q at the end of your code, you're lobby is prioritized, this didnt hurt at the beginning of the games life span because there wasnt a lot of people playing, this system helped get more players, faster lobbies filling, more people stuck around, and after people have played for a while and wont quit for a while, the prioritization turns into an F (normal) but now since the game has exploded, it will end up with older players having an extremely hard time filling up lobbies and the only available lobbies have bad rules because the newer players havent played long enough to not like the bad rules, and by the time they have, they've played long enough to have an F at the end of the code. I feel like this system should be removed now because its resulting in it being really hard for lobbies with good rules to be joined or filled, and it's making a lot of the player base leave.

tl;dr: the game prioritizes new players hosting over older ones hosting

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kqvtvr/ive_figured_out_how_among_us_lobbys_work_and_why/

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