I’ve figured out how this iteration of dynamic loot works.

I enjoy the rest life and searching the village on woods and shoreline is my jam. I've noticed since this version of dynamic loot was implemented there is much more loose loot and generally more valuable items.

Case in point I did a woods raid last night and walked out of the new village with six sugars and six vodka.

Here's what bag have done: wehn you look a loose loot spot or container the game flags this as being looted. At the end of the raid any loose loot spot or container that hasn't been looted gets a +1 to its loot quality and +1 to its loot chance. That way over time the more looted spots get worse and less frequent loot, while the hidden "trash" loot spots get better and better.

This checks out with Nikita's comment about heat mapping and loot.

This also explains why locked rooms and labs keycard rooms are reported to be so trash, everyone always goes there so loot is sparse.

I think the logical progression of dynamic loot will be:

Dynamic loot chance and quality (now)

Increase loot spawns locations (where a room had 10 loot spots, increase to 100 buy also reduce all the spawn chance by a factor of 10, now you have to look hard for loot in a room)

Fully dynamic loot, almost anything can spawn almost anywhere.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pvg37p/ive_figured_out_how_this_iteration_of_dynamic/

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