I’ve found a triple screen work around for the distortion

OK, to start this is a bit janky and annoying to do because it has to be done at every start of Elite, so fair warning.

The only reason I'm trying to "fix" this is because of Odyssey not running in VR at launch.

First, my hardware is:

3 Dell S3220DGF 2560 x 1440 monitors.

RTX 3080 Aorus Master video card (yes I got lucky getting it)

The rest of it doesn't matter but it is a full 8020 sim racing/flying rig.

Second, you will need a small piece of software called Simple Runtime Window Editor (SRWE for short) that you can get here https://github.com/dtgDTGdtg/SRWE/releases.

This allows you to resize the window Elite plays in. Or any other game. I use it for ACC as well.

Third, you will need to create a custom resolution for Elite to use. As far as I can tell it will work with anything you have in your possible resolutions table in the Nvidia control panel. So create the largest horizontal resolution your monitor will accept. Mine will work with a 5120 x 1440 but nothing higher.

I tried to make a full 7680 x 1440 and a 5760 x 1440 but it wouldn't accept them. I even enabled Nvidia Surround to make it but you can't make custom resolutions in Surround mode 🙁

Now, start Elite and it should see your custom resolution and you can choose it. Also, I think you will need to be in windowed or borderless mode. I use borderless.

Elite will start up and it will reset to your center monitors native resolution, don't panic this is normal.

Now this is the annoying part, go into the graphics/display settings and set a different resolution with a different aspect ratio, I use 1600 x 1200, and OK it. Then go back in and reset your desired resolution.

The game will now be really squished horizontally on your center screen. This is what you want. If it's not squished something is wrong.

Now once your game is squished you want to start SRWE, click on the "Select running application" button at the top left.

Elite should be the top entry and highlighted. Choose "open" on the popup menu.

In the "Window position and size" section change the Width and Height number to the resolution you want in Elite. 5120 x 1440 in my case. Click the set button and then the H. Center button in the "Align window" box.

Provided everything worked correctly you now have a screen that looks tons better.

You can now save this as a profile so this part is easier next time.

There is distortion on your side screens since the distortion gets progressively worse from center.

However the center of your game window should be good. About the middle 2/3 of my middle screen is distortion free and then it starts getting progressively worse the farther you go out.

In the picture you can see what I see in game. The yellow lines are about the screen bezels.

BTW, I have set my resolution in the display file and my FoV is set to 70 in the settings file.

Hopefully this will help somebody out.

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