I’ve just witnessed the best play of my life

(It’s going to be long)

Theirs 1 impostor left

(Round 2)

I see green in bottom of shields I run towards reactor I see orange on cams me and orange go to cafe while running their we see green come out of medbay then orange reports a body just by the door of cafe

(Round 2 voting)

I go hard on green and what route he took to medbay presuming he walked pass the body he dosent answer any of my questions But we don’t vote him out and it’s a tie

(Round 3)

Me and green are dancing around the main table in cafe he starts running at me all the time orange comes to us half way I press the button

(Round 3 voting)

I keep asking green on the questions he isn’t answering but it’s a tie again

(Round 4)

Me and green is going around the table again and orange is with us all the time (it’s important to add that theirs 2 other players alive) orange press the button

(Round 4 voting)

The same as 3 but white leaves (one of the two other players) we all vote each other

(Round 5)

We’re dancing around the table again me still very sus of green. black comes along and all 4 of us are around the table we see black faking 3 tasks green press the button

(Round 5 voting)

We all vote black he didn’t put up much of a fight since he wasn’t messaging

(Round 6)

It’s only us 3 and I know we all don’t have a emergency meeting and we’re trying to stay far away from green then orange kills me never been more surprised in my life

impostors win

What I presumed happened is orange killed someone in cafe really quick and reported

I’ve also realised that their was one more dead in round 3 but I asked orange and he didn’t answer me guessing he didn’t know so I presumed no one died

I still have no idea why black faked tasks

TLDR; orange played me and green like a fiddle and won the game

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jl83iw/ive_just_witnessed_the_best_play_of_my_life/

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