Joachim de Wett is a well-designed card that needs to be toned-down

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First of all, I want to say that I have no personal beef with this card

Joachim de Wett is one of the few Disloyal cards that Nilfgaard has access to, and is played in almost all of their decks. Its synergy with Coup de Grace is reliable, thins your deck and generates a lot of points. I feel like the latter effect is the problem with the card. Joachim is arguably one of the best pointslam of the faction, and a lot of decks rely heavily on it, as we currently see with the Quadruple Joachim lists. I don't think being able to play 4 Joachims in a game is a problem; what I think is a problem though, is the amount of points this card allows to generate. Basically how big its effect is.

In my opinion, the effect of the card should stay unchanged, but the value of it should be toned down along with its provision cost. I think that decreasing its provision to 6 and its boost to 4 would benefit to the game. I have listed the reasons why I believe this would be a positive change below:

  • Reduce the standalone "pointslam" factor, while still rewarding strategies and synergies aiming to play the cards more than once
  • Keep the thinning factor, and still reward your own deck's manipulation (Albrich, Yennefer's Invocation, Imperial Formation leader, …)
  • Avoid that every NG deck includes it, adding more variety to the game
  • Allow more Spy-related cards to be made, without having to limit them because of Joachim's huge effect

In the best case, it would not become a dead card while still being played in some NG decks focused on Spies or Deck-thinning. I would love to hear your opinion on this and the reasons why you would or would not appreciate such a change!


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