Just a suggestion for any scavs, f1!

Unless you are an unfriendly one. Been playing SCAV and spammed f1 in Customs inside the apartments, all because I heard footsteps… No answer back to me. I F1 even more, not how a normal Scav would and still no answer back. Yet I can hear their footsteps and they can hear mine, so I hide.

At that point they were KOS in my book, some type of 3 man scav squad and none bothered to hit f1 to do a scav voiceline. I mean I can hear you without headphones with how you thump on metal, you kidding? I lost points cuz of that!

When you know both parties can hear you, make yourself known. Are you a scav? or a PMC? To a PMC anyone is a kos so it doesnt matter. To a SCAV tho? There is a chance for friendship. Me personally I would've shown myself, wiggled and left. Besides you as a scav get to know who I am, a scav or a pmc?

PS: That 3 man squad that I saw just now, the one where I killed both of you and your third got me. If you are reading this say hi 😉

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ol3i8m/just_a_suggestion_for_any_scavs_f1/

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