Just another day in Valheim.

Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

My Viking brother couldn’t join me today, so I did the right thing.

Finished building our for real base, moved us out of the temporary base, that took forever but I loved it.

Our supplies were not sufficient for extended journeys into the Black Forest so I stocked myself with arrows and food and went hunting.

Came back with tons of skins, meat, berries, and other essentials.

Got our carrot crop expanding exponentially, a few more rotations and we will have enough to stock up on stews. I cooked all the food I could into jams and jerkies.

We are almost ready to make the Black Forest our bitch. No more escaping by the skin of our teeth with just enough materials to progress, we are officially heading into the Bronze Age!

Hope you all are still having a blast!
As masochistic as it sounds I am looking forward to conquering the swamps.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/r5fd6r/just_another_day_in_valheim/

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