Just experienced another trap spam idiot that ruined my mission.. was I in the wrong to sabotage his trap spam?

So I'm pretty mad right now. I was in twine and doing an evacuate the shelter and was building a trap tunnel. I left plenty of spots for my team mate that loaded during the building phase to contribute and place his own traps down. Instead of building meaningful traps in thought out places, he decides to trap spam maybe 40+ ceiling shock thingies in FRONT of the tunnel to steal the combat score. I've experienced this before and just let it happen after spending copious amounts of resources for a difficult missions in the past, all to have it nullified by some guy that just came in and spammed all his traps.

Instead this time around I decided I wasn't going to put up with it and attempted to destroy his ceiling shockers.. this resulted in him blocking off my trap tunnels anyway as I was trying to sabotage the objective because I wasn't going to allow this.

I've seriously had enough of these types of players that just spam their traps all over in FRONT of the trap tunnel. Like you're welcome to play down some stuff yourself.. hence why I left space. But no.. trap spam. I'm really loosing my faith in some people.. how is it this is still happening in twine peaks? 🙁

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/ntor0m/just_experienced_another_trap_spam_idiot_that/

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