Just finished 100 Killa kills after acquiring my kappa, here are my two cents and tips.

As a preface, with killa always having his armor now and no longer getting stunlocked, I would only be able to kill him 3 out 4 times on average. I got the tracksuit last wipe and this wipe, it is now 10 times harder


*bring good ammo, my success rate of killing him grew when I brought in m62s

*Bring armor, without armor your success rate drops to near zero

  • always try to use stealth and long range tactics first before resorting to a gun fight.

*Try and get the lucky grenade kill

*due to latency, if he starts shooting first, you will almost always lose the gun fight, run away and reposition

*bring a scav BP full of shotgun shells and an SJ6, too level strength as you make your runs, 2000 shells only cost 60k

Two Cents:

*I absolutely love the changes to killa no longer being able to be stun locked, it makes him a worthy scav boss

*killa having a stealth mode where he sneaks up on you is a nice change, before you could hear him shuffle when he hears you, now he will try and remain silent.

*Killa needs to have a MUCH HIGHER spawn rate for this quest, it took me about 400 raids to complete this, and cost me close to 15 million in gear. for 100 kills, the spawn rate should be close to 40-45%, just like gluhar. Not to mention, at least 1 or 2 other PMCs are trying to kill him.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i2lxjc/just_finished_100_killa_kills_after_acquiring_my/

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