Just got killed by nothing…

So I think I just got merked by a ghost.

I was doing the prapor quest and went into the customs office to grab the document thing. I grab it, but as I was in there, my arm got injured, but I heard no shots. I was like "ok a bit weird but I'll just heal up". So I heal the arm back to full. I'm leaving the office and going down the stairs, when my arm gets blacked. Again, I hear no shots, no footsteps, nothing. And now I'm thinking maybe I'm getting sniped from really far away somehow. So I run into cover in the corner of the big red building that the customs office is in. I'm positive that nobody has an angle on me from outside at this point. I pop a painkiller, but as I take it, my legs and chest get injured all at once. I'm getting pretty freaked out at this point because again I hear nothing. Now I just want to extract and finish up the parlor quest. So I start running to the side door of this big warehouse and suddenly I die. I heard no shot, no footsteps, no voicelines…

I'm checking out the raid results and it says I was killed by a scav??? I'm still wondering what exactly happened here. I'm kinda mad about it because I got some nice loot from the customs office. This ever happen to anyone else? Sucks when you can't really fight back and just get killed by a ghost.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dr6na7/just_got_killed_by_nothing/

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