Just got to Prestige 1 after leveling to 60 just once… I think!

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This needs some explaining.

Technically I created my Gwent account in 2017 or 2018 but according to my stats I've played less then 50 games. That's even more then I remember since I played just for a few days because I was really hooked on Hearthstone, so I didn't really give Gwent a chance. I really started playing about a month ago and I was Level 1, which sounds OK since there was probably some kind of a wipe in the past,

Today I reached level 60+ and I got to prestige 1 and the rare in the first 4 cards perk. I was really surprised because I specifically researched this cuz I was sitting on 12 000 ore and I didn't want to spent it before Prestige 1 if I'm close to it. The explanations on the official site were vague so I asked here on Reddit a few days go if I need to level to 60 once or twice to reach Prestige 1. All answers were that I need to do it twice.

So I really don't know what happened. Even if CDPR gave me some XP after the rework, it sounds really strange that it got me to exactly level 60+1. Also it's hard to believe that my less then 50 games played years ago got me to 60+1. My only explanation is that for some reason CDPR gave me exactly 60 levels or there is some kind of miss information about the Prestige 1 level.

I'm not writing this to complain about my loss of scraps, I just want to either clear out what happened in my case (if I'm missing something), or to warn people that they need to level up only once to reach Prestige 1.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/m3s6gw/just_got_to_prestige_1_after_leveling_to_60_just/

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