Just kill all the Encoded Mats (Data) Community Goals already. There is ZERO gameplay anyway…

These are completely useless. There is no way to get involved without either mindless grind, repetitive stress injury and massive boredom from farming the HIP site or "cheating" with using macros.

Thanks to the bad UI, even down-trading and selling "legitimately" accumulated data (just casual play and scanning, not repeated farming one site) is a mindless grind of thousands (sic!) of mouse clicks or key presses. Gameplay in these CGs is 99% clicking, 1% play. Give us Exploration data CGs or just more Trade / Combat CGs, at least these involve some actual gameplay…

Imagine the CG result actually mattered, weren't so one-sided and there was a big competition between the two sides? All the players would have to farm and down-trade with macros anyway, since the other side would be doing it too. That's no "emergent gameplay", that's stupidity.

CGs like this one need to be gone. Or at least get a total material/engineering overhaul*, but good luck with that 😉

*: needed anyway, but nobody expects FDEV to pull that one off.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/oovghc/just_kill_all_the_encoded_mats_data_community/

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