Just played a PL 160 RTD where someone actually did a damage build

I have played 500+ PL 160 RTD mission but never have I seen someone attempt a damage build.

I loaded into a PL 160 RTD as Machinest Harper for the skin just as some people load into missions as Lynx. I figured we would be doing a jail build just as cough …. EVERYONE does in public. For context, I 65% of time don’t build the objective for RTD because 11/10 it’s a jail build so I would rather save my mats for a more entertaining mission.

Anyways, I load into this mission and I see this player run fast to the objective. He was using a Baron and directional pads for mobility. You could tell this player was determined. I’ve never seen anyone race to the object that fast before. He started placing tar pits and began building the RTD mission similar to how people build for Frostnite. I was impressed and started building and places traps.

Unfortunately, the two other players (both constructors) shot the balloon down and went afk before the build was done.

We lost a few files but managed to win because the structure of the build was good. The mission had shitty modifiers as well like exploding death burst and metal corrosion. Nonetheless, I give the guy credit for having the balls to do a damage build in 2021 in a PL 160 RTD with those modifiers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/lhxx49/just_played_a_pl_160_rtd_where_someone_actually/

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