Just read the patch notes and I feel gutted…

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I've been playing for a long time, I've seen many a card changed and completely reworked, but not one has not been a punch in the gut as this one.

Caranthir now only affects MO units with a prov 10 or less.

Caranthir use to create a one cost minion for any faction, then it was nerfed to only affect MO units primarily to stop people from using caranthir on strong neutral Ciri cards.

And now we are here, where he is limited even more. This means no more Keltullis, unseen elder, bloody mistress, or mammuna copies. This was done to directly answer concerns about the newest MO cards being very strong, but it may inadvertently kill off vampire decks from seeing any play. While kelly decks never relied on caranthir to create more than a single copy of Kelly it was just something fun to try and do if your opponent happened to be playing any form of swarm deck.

Its not all bad since Kiki Queen, Ruhin, and plague maiden will be 10 prov, but I doubt they will see much play since those cards can't really keep up with newer card additions. I am expecting caranthir Koshchey to make a come back along with whatever relict deck is created after this patch.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Edit: Before I get down voted into oblivion I should note that I agree that MO needed a nerf and I'm happy to see it, it's just sad to see my boy Caranthir be a shallow husk of what he use to be.

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