Just spit balling here but I hope the different flight suits in Odyssey aren’t limited to their intended role

By that I mean, I hope the Combat suit isn't the only suit you can or should wear when wanting to do Combat, they should introduce a Class system so the Scavenger Suit or Exploration Suit can also be suitable for combat. Thoughts:

Combat Suit Allows you to carry a 2nd primary weapon (I believe this to be confirmed), and probably has the most health and slowest movement speed. This is basically the tank of the combat suits. I don't think we know if movement speed is even a factor yet.

Then maybe the Scavenger Suit, with the presumed extra carrying capacity, can hold more ammo/grenades for the single weapon it has. It has medium health and medium movement speed. Maybe this suit has the ability to heal other players like a Support role?

Then perhaps the Exploration Suit has the fastest movement speed and can utilize Stealth in some capacity but has a lower amount of ammo and health. Maybe the scanner can be used in some capacity in combat or for scouting enemy bases. This would be like a Scout class.

I'm hoping with Engineers, we can create on foot classes like this anyway.

What I don't want to see, is the Combat suit being objectively better for Combat in every way and there would be no reason to use the other suits for combat, that would be a bit boring.

(Obviously we need more information, I just wanted to post some thoughts)

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