Just upgraded my first ship and plasma is so much fun!

Nothing more satisfying than doing a 180 flip and evaporating the viper who dared to interdict you!

I recently did my first material run all around the bubble and got enough to engineer my first ship. Decided to build a fully-upgraded Krait (not quite, lacking the shield booster enginner for now) for some Federation rank grinding via bounty missions in Sol. Since all my previous ships only had the power to drive laser + multi, I was determined to come up with a build that avoids that combination. So plasma it is. After searching for some builds online and making some tweaks based on what I have unlocked and how I would like to fly, I have come up with the following build:

Hot Plasma

It was really fun to fly! You take down small ships in one hit if you can connect a perfect shot. You sneak up on unaggro'ed NPCs and fire two shots before they can react, and they have no shields already even if they are elite. Even against a Conda, a few shots into their exhaust vent and it's inferno. The ship never overheats without shield boosting, and barely needs any pips in weapon, so I can almost fly four pips to engine all the time, or do a full shield reverski if really lazy. Yes missing consecutive shots makes me feel like an idiot, and it happens all the time, and the rearm bill is not pretty, but at least I feel like it is me, not the ship computer who is doing the damage.

Still, I have a lot to learn. I find it pretty hard to connect shots if I am not right behind or below the target, and I have to rely on my multicannons more often than I would like to take down smaller targets. I am also wondering if using some other experimental effects on the plasma would be worth it if I only take more calculated shots. But these problems mean that there are more fun to be had!

Keep spewing, commanders!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/l9oxxd/just_upgraded_my_first_ship_and_plasma_is_so_much/

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