Just Viking for the first time and almost pooped myself

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So I’m a solo player and have done some pretty good exploring to get to the point where I’m now almost ready to fight bone mass. Problem is he was so far away I had to sail recklessly far to set up a teleport.

Where do I find him? In a tiny swamp biome tucked between two points of plains!! I hade been at sea for what felt like years and couldn’t wait to hit dry earth so I see some small trees and barrel straight for them in my boat. This is when I notice things aren’t what I expected in a meadow, and now I’m sprinting along the beach running from two deathsquitos while trying to setup a teleport for when the inevitable happened.

Long story short I killed them through luck and slapped down a teleport(my ship was too grounded to make a quick escape). When I went to type the name, however, I was shaking like a damn leaf! I literally couldn’t type “bonemass”! So I’m freaking out trying to calm my tremor to type this thing before a new deathsquito or the fulings I’ve heard such bad things about show up.

So that’s it, that’s my story. Have never had a game get me that worked up in pure panic.

(P.S. I died to bonemass tonight, guess I’m not ready)

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