Just wanted to talk about why I love this game

We have all bought a game that was fun for the first couple hours or so. I personally have bought a lot of games, and at the beginning thought "I can get into this". Then I proceed to either never play it again or play it for an hour before hopping off. This game man. I did not know that THIS would be the game I was looking for. I started my first raid, interchange (because cool big mall pog), and proceeded to bring in just about everything from my stash. Died instantly. Realized quickly this wasn't a peaches and crème ass game and that I would actually have to think about what I was doing. A lot of people including a number of my friends have been scared away by gear fear, not knowing maps well enough, and overall the fact that the game is punishing. I love punishing. I played all of the souls games and loved how rewarding they were after you get over that hump and actually succeed. My friend would lose his stuff in a raid and then get off, but when I lost my stuff, I immediately wanted to play again. I know a lot of people are against solo play or think that the game is way too hard but I personally have just as much fun as I do with a team. Solo makes you way more alert and pay a lot more attention. It makes it so that you really need to think about everything you are doing. There was a time I saw a thicc ass PMC all by himself so I took the shot and killed him. I watched my life flash in an instant as I saw 3 OTHER PLAYERS come from around the corner and gun me down. The unknown and difficulty of this game is what makes me enjoy it. The game wouldn't be fun if you got out every single time, or if they just handed you shit and spoon-fed you. Extracting is very satisfying, and because of the fact that every raid is so high risk, it is equally satisfying each time. Its a game that you have to do a lot of research for, it doesn't hold your hand. But man is it fun once you get down the basic concepts and start actually making progress. I spent my entire 8 hour shift at work today just looking up all points of interest on labs. This was the dopamine I needed in my life, and the joy of extracting out of a really good raid has felt more rewarding than 100% of the drugs I've tried.

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