Karma system thoughts

It wouldn't make sense to get weapon jaming and different loot just because you have bad karma..

If (as an example) some traders where leaning more towards a certain faction and if you kill other bears while being a bear yourself you would lose the ability to get above trader level 2 for that specific trader/traders.

Make having (bad karma) what it would be like to actually have bad karma in a real world situation (as realistic as playable) instead of putting weird debuffs like loot luck and weapon malfunction into the game. It doesn't have a place in an "authentic" fps game When you dont clean your weapon/misusing etc it is the only reason why a gun should ever jam imo.

(Side note)

I also think that it would make more sense if you were among others from your faction (AI) while out of raid instead of the main menu. (would enforce you to not killing same faction?)

Think of it like being in your hideout as a hub area instead of being in a menu when out of raid. If you want to access the flea market you would have to sit down at your physical computer in your hideout and if you want to access your stash you would have to go into a physical storage space of your stash.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/isvodo/karma_system_thoughts/

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