Key With Tape

I now understand why this key inst on the player market at all. The fees on this thing are RIDICULOUS, so much so to the point no one wants to sell it. I'll preface this and say I have 2. The first I kept because i was < Lvl 10 when I acquired it. The first key was acquired from a jacket (i think on factory but don't quote me on that).

Lets get the first pillar out of the way – The value of the key is governed by the quality of the loot thats behind the door AND the chance to get the key itself.

1 – The loot behind the door –

  • 6 Potential LEDX spawns. SIX. I've seen videos on EFT WTF Moments where people have gotten at least 2 from this room in 1 opening.
  • Rare Loot Spawns
  • 1 x PC
  • 1 x Suitcase

2 – The chance to get the key –

  • On Sanitar Possible but not guaranteed.
  • In Jackets and Pockets – My personal statistic is not available for this however I can confidently say I have looted quite easily over a hundred Jackets and I have found the 1 key I have mentioned above. Which still gives it a 1 in 100 (rounded) chance so again a 0.01% drop rate.
  • On Scavs – I have looted 374 bodies total, minus my PMC Kills which is 177 which totals 197. So essentially my personal drop rate is 1 in 197, which is a 0.5% chance of getting it.

Now lets talk about the market fees –

If I were to sell this for 750,000, the fee is 382,705. A Profit of 367,295. The fee equivalency is that of 51%.

If I were to sell this for 500,000 the fee is 194,320. A Profit of 305,680. The fee equivalency is that of ~39% (38.864% to 3 DP.)

If I were to sell this for what I believe to be a fair asking price of 1,500,000 Roubles, which is based off of the ULTRA medical Storage key with only 2 LEDX spawns selling for well over 1 Million roubles, the fee would be 1,226,336… a mere profit of 273,664. Which is a fee equivalency of ~82% (81.756% to 3 DP)

So why would I sell this for a highly accessible 750K just to squeak out an extra 90K profit just for someone to rat run the room and take the loot for themselves to clean up 1Mil per LEDX which fees on are ONLY 90K?! a fee equivalency of 0.9%?!

Keys on this game need to be balanced taking the 2 points i made above into consideration, 1- the loot behind the door and 2 – how hard it is to get the key.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this r/EscapefromTarkov.


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